Our Story

Our Beginnings and Vision

We strive to reduce the negative environmental impact of the textile industry by using as much natural fibers as possible in the creation of our garments, and also producing affordable pieces that will last for a long time to avoid fast fashion.

Our vision is to improve the economic conditions and life quality of all our employees, knitters and artisans by providing a consistent and equitable source of income. 

In regards of the social aspect, we are committed to fair-trade and to our skilled artisans to turn our joined efforts into a unique company that respects and cares for all people behind the scenes.

We carefully make sure that every person along our supply chain shares our principles.


Eco-friendly and Fair-trade♥

Our mission is to create and provide affordable, high quality, sustainable, comfortable pieces to our clients by using as much as natural fibers as possible without compromising the functionality and high quality of our garments.

We work directly with a community of skilled artisans in the Peruvian mountains to create the knitted garments. We are proud to share that we are certified with The World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO).