Our Knitters

Our Artisans

Jacarandá works with 9 artisans, located in Arequipa, Peru. With all of them we have created a relationship of trust because we share the same idea of quality in each product we make together for our clients.

Rosa & Mario

Rosa and Mario, are a married couple with whom we have a great professional and friendship connection. They are skilled, modern weavers that are able to produce any designs that we have in mind. We ask “Mario can you guys do this design?” and Mario´s responses is always the same: “Yes, we can do it”.

We started working together in 2018 and since then they have been weaving for Jacarandá at the comfort of their own home, close to their 2 daughters. Now Mario owns a weaving machine on which we can play and have fun developing new designs and items.

We are all in this together

Due to COVID-19, Peru has been shut down since March 16, 2020, leaving thousands of artisans without a source of income to support their families. There is no financial support from the government or any other entity to assist them.

Our commitment with all our weavers during this time of uncertainty is that we will keep working together, and that we will improve the negative economic conditions that this pandemic is causing.

We care for the quality of life of all our knitters and artisans, and we are committed to keep providing an equitable source of income.