About Us

JACARANDÁ, eco-friendly, fair-trade

At Jacarandá we design versatile and intelligent pieces that blend luxury items with premium and functional loungewear that take you from the office or street to the mat, and back again.

We give our customers the perfect balance between functionality and coziness using premium natural fibers from all around the world:
Organic pima cotton, alpaca and baby alpaca blends, merino wool, silk, natural dyes made from plants and natural sources.

We work directly with a community of skilled artisans in the Peruvian mountains to create the knitted garments.

Our Beginnings

The idea of creating an eco-friendly and fair-trade clothing company emerged from the observation of the current environmental and social challenges in our world.

On the environmental side, the impact of the textile industry on the environment and human health is huge: 98 million tons of non-renewable resources are swallowed every year by the textile industry, which is also the second most polluting industry in the world. In regards of the social aspect, we are commited to fair trade and to our skilled artisans to turn our joined efforts into a unique company that respects and cares for all people behind the scenes.

We design comfortable yoga and versatile clothing with the objetive of offering the softest and more comfortable items in the market, while keeping in mind the need of functional clothes that could be worn all day.

Jacarandá supports Fair Trade: We work with skilled artisans in the Peruvian Mountains to showcase the community’s craftsmanship and we carefully make sure that every person along our supply chain shares our principles.

Nowadays, the use of petroleum to produce clothing is no longer a sustainable option. Therefore, Jacarandá uses natural fibers like cotton, alpaca and its blends to produce our garments. Moreover, natural fibers will decompose easily at the end of their life cycle.

Jacarandá, an ethical path from the conception to the production of our clothes and accessories

We use the most exclusive materials such as the luxurious baby alpaca and the famous organic pima cotton. Some of the accessories were naturally dyed by a group of women in the mountains of Arequipa who perform natural dyeing, a technique that they carry out over the years made by their ancestors. This group of women gathers in a beautiful place, where they have their own alpacas around. From the alpacas, they get the fleece and manually make the yarn. After that, they naturally dye it. Cynthia, our founder, dyes some of the items in Canada.

The other items are made with a variety of premium blends like merino wool, baby alpaca, linen, silk. These items are made by a community of knitters lead by Mario and his wife. They do wonderful and aesthetically beautiful items that we design in Canada.
The yoga items are sewn in a family owned small factory that supports fair trade and produce ethically made garments.

We are in process of certifying in Fair Trade with the WFTO. Our operation empowers through fair-trade, fair conditions, and fair treatment across our entire supply chain and by providing full traceability to our customers.